Use Rubber Cushion Product To Notice Matters

- Apr 10, 2018-

1. Due to the characteristics of the rubber cushion products, the actual size of the product will be slightly different from the marked size.

2. Please note that when used in high temperature and oil environment, the color of the product may be stained to the floor.

3. The rubber pad may fade or leave a mark on the floor when contacting with chemicals.

4. When laying rubber pad, please confirm that there are no sand stones and other foreign objects on the ground laid.

5. Please do not lay on the floor with wood floor and light color granite, marble and other easily stained floor.

6. Please note that if used in direct sunlight, the sun will fade.

7. Please do not use it near the fire source, otherwise the mat will be ignited or deformed.

8. Please do not run on the mat or stop suddenly in case of falling.

In an environment with poor ventilation or a large temperature change, the mat may be deformed by high temperature.

If it's dirty, you can wash it with water. Please leave it to dry in the shade until it is completely dry.