The Main Characteristics Of Marine Deck MATS Produced By Natural Rubber

- Apr 10, 2018-

1. Natural rubber Marine deck pads are easy to cut to fit any shape requirement.

2. Perforated Marine deck pad is suitable for direct laying, with link buckle, simple and convenient splicing.

3. It can be used for skidding on the deck of the ship and has the characteristics of anti-skid and hydrophobic.

4. Anti-skid floor mat of ship deck has strong anti-ultraviolet light, sea water and oil resistance.

5. The non-slip floor mat of ship deck is made of natural rubber and is tasteless and environmentally friendly.

6. A wide range of natural rubber Marine deck pads suitable for anti-skid and anti-skid resistance of the workers at the foot of the ship deck or workshop.

7. Porous design, strong permeability, easy to drain, durable, anti-skid, anti-fatigue, durable, noise reduction function.

8. This Marine deck mat is made of natural rubber, which is odorless and environment-friendly and can be used safely. All rubber material anti-skid pads, 100% export products, quality assurance.