The Main Application Field Of EVA Materials

- Apr 10, 2018-

1. Vehicle and ship manufacturing: EVA materials can be used for lining and decoration materials of the vehicle, and EVA materials can also be used as cushion materials for cushion materials, thermal shock absorbing materials for the instrument panel, etc.

2. Decoration industry: EVA materials can be used as solid wood, composite wood floor MATS, and lining materials for wall decoration.

Iii. Agricultural market: EVA materials can be used as the insulation materials for greenhouse and greenhouse, the anti-seepage materials of fish ponds and reservoirs, and the fishing and floating materials.

4. Construction industry: EVA materials can be used as sound insulation, shock absorption, heat insulation and waterproof material for roof, wall and foundation. It can be used as the sealing and filling material of doors and Windows, joints, etc. EVA materials are also used for light materials in subway tunnels and building walls.

5. Industry: EVA materials can be used for heat preservation and corrosion protection of petroleum and chemical pipelines; Use EVA materials for insulation materials of household appliances and cold storage.

6. Packaging industry: EVA materials are commonly used in the packaging of home appliances, precision instruments, valuables and other shockproof and anti-static packaging.

7. Leisure and daily life: EVA materials can be used to make sports shoes, sports MATS, sports equipment, life saving products, camping MATS, bags and bags, etc.