The Basic Point Of The Footstep

- Apr 10, 2018-

(1) if the defender is captured by the defender after the ball is shot in the back hand of the ball, the attack can be sustained without interruption due to the interruption;

(2) if the ball feet off the ground ball is not being sold in the defender photographed for the cause, lead to the ball from takeoff to the feet to the ground this time without the ball away from the body moment, walking can call all the attackers.

The basic jump of the feet after landing can be with any foot as the center foot, which puts a lot of pressure on the defense. That's when you get more efficient.

The so-called walk is the ball in the hand walk more than two steps and the ball does not move, if the ball is in the hand when the ball is walking two steps above is to take the ball to walk.

All the basketball games, including the NBA, are very strict, but the audience is not sure what to do, and to see if they are walking, and know when to start. The step is to start counting when the ball is first off the ground, and if the ball has a volley, wait until the foot falls to the ground.

The two steps are, each foot off the ground once, and then the landing. If the ball has two steps in the hand, the ball must be passed or shot on the ground. If the ball continues to dribble or the ball is held, it will be a step.

Note if only one foot on the other foot on the ground, he always calculate step, only if has walked two steps as long as the first landing (step your feet to the ground the ball pad doesn't matter which foot first to be born) of the foot is always constant, regardless of the other foot steps only two steps (not more than two steps).