The Application Status Of Inflatable Boat

- Apr 10, 2018-

Visible from the above characteristics, inflatable boat a boat may not have a lot of other material advantages, especially, when some boats in a certain waves can't use, inflatable boat can still be put into use, this is why sea border, customs duty and coast rescue departments rushed to the scene to the widespread use of inflatable boat into the rescue when objective cause. On these occasions, the duty boat can reach the target at high speed and contact the target in a collision manner, providing valuable time for the crew members. Into the field of inflatable boat usually equipped with a dedicated rescue ship, can flexibly, and in the other boat can not close quickly approaching target, become extremely critical in the rescue work is special equipment (yantai perils of the sea in our country, because of rescue boat for a long time can't close to the target, caused a huge tragedy, including the lack of rescue equipment is blood lessons).

The inflatable boat has been recognized as an effective water delivery vehicle. The most obvious example is:

International convention on safety of life at sea (SOLAS) in the regulation of ship must be equipped with the raft at the same time, put forward the corresponding requirements for coast rapid rescue, and effective tool for inflatable rescue boat, made the technical provisions;

Countries with coastlines have extensive use of inflatable boats in the area;

All countries have tried their best to use inflatable boats in the disaster relief and flood relief.

Water sports and recreation areas have become very popular with inflatable boats and so on.

The application, development and current situation of civil inflatable boats in China are relatively backward, which is the result of the influence of many trapped elements. It is difficult to play a role in this field due to the fact that China's original and later manufacture of rubber blanket products cannot meet the practical requirements of civil inflatable boats. Over the past decade, some companies have used PVC materials to make inflatable products, which offer more general inflatable boats to the water market. At present, the company has been able to manufacture inflatable boats according to the international ISO 6185 standard. Its products can not only meet the domestic market demand, but also have entered the international market. The production supply of inflatable boats in China is still very rare due to many factors.