Komin Cancels The Shanghai Boat Show

- Jun 17, 2020-

Komin cancels the Shanghai Boat Show

Komin is a factory that also specializes in the production of EVA foam boat decking. In 2020, Komin was originally planning to continue to participate in the Shanghai Yacht Show. Due to the global outbreak, we canceled the exhibition.

Since 2018, we have participated in the Shanghai Yacht Show every year. At the show, many customers who need eva foam boat decking suggested a cooperation relationship with our factory.

Although many factories producing EVA foam boat decking in the Chinese market now use highly imitation 3M adhesives for greater benefit, we have always insisted on using genuine 3M adhesives, and 3M has established a friendly cooperative relationship with us. And grant us as their agent. This year was also invited by 3M to join a joint exhibition. This year's Shanghai exhibition has been cancelled due to the epidemic. Next year, we will continue to participate in joint exhibition with 3M.


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