Inflatable Boat Material

- Apr 10, 2018-

Inflatable dinghy has many types, which can be used in different fields, and its quality is influenced by various factors such as material and manufacturing process. At present, the international famous brand mainly choose high strength (1100 d) synthetic rubber tape and natural rubber tape and other products are mostly use PVC tape (material and low price, a thermal low manufacturing cost, easy to sell). As the material is different, the quality of inflatable boat is obviously different in the following table.

In addition, due to the different quality of the lining fabric, the quality of the inflatable boat will be very different. The highest international requirement is that the base cloth should be 1100D, and the rubber fabric used in high-end boats is mainly made from 1100D base cloth and dupont patented materials, known as Hypalon(Hypalon). Our country has not met such high standard material, also lack the corresponding craft standard, most of the boat manufacturers with cheap PVC rubber cloth.