Inflatable Boat Features

- Apr 10, 2018-

Compared with wood, aluminum alloy and glass steel boat, inflatable boat has obvious advantages. The rigid small boats such as wood are good water delivery vehicles on the premise of reasonable design and reliable manufacturing quality. However, compared with inflatable boats, these boats have the following obvious disadvantages:

Unable to disintegrate, the lack of mobility and flexibility in land transfer and the rapid use of water in urgent need of water, and the need for long-term mooring in water storage;

In addition to all enclosed lifeboats, it is easy to capsize and other hazards under wind and wave conditions;

If it is hit hard, it can easily crack and cause serious consequences.

There is a considerable amount of maintenance work per year.

By contrast, inflatable boats have the following advantages:

It can be saved and transferred flexibly, and can be used quickly in urgent situations.

The body boundary of the boat is inflatable, which can greatly avoid the danger of overturning.

There is a good anti-impact buffer effect;

Simple maintenance, relatively small maintenance work.

In addition, since inflatable boats are very light, they are superior to wooden boats in speed and fuel economy in terms of speed and fuel economy, regardless of the same horsepower or the same speed.

Due to the above advantages of inflatable boat, it has a broader development field and is more and more popular with users. It has maintained vigorous development and development momentum for decades.

Of course, the inflatable boat also has the relative disadvantages, such as the sharp object to puncture the pneumatic tyre, the hull is more fragile. However, it is not considered that "inflatable boats are easy to be damaged and unsafe", which is actually a misunderstanding caused by the lack of comprehensive understanding of inflatable boats. There are many factors restricting the development of inflatable boats in China, and the misunderstanding of inflatable boats is also an important factor.

The less quality inflatable boat can not reflect the advantages of inflatable boat, but can lead to misunderstanding. The high quality inflatable boat has the following characteristics to show the superiority of the other materials. The term "quality" refers to the standard of ISO 6185 and its main features are as follows:

Material good, inflatable buoyancy tyres in 0.3 still maintain good air tightness and work under pressure, the buoyancy tire and boat rigid keel (or inflatable keel) and bottom closely combination, make inflatable boat has enough rigidity, ensuring solid and quickness.

The bottom of the boat (with the exception of hard material) is used to make the rubber with anti-reef properties, so that the possibility of the bottom breakage is reduced to a small extent.

The whole boat inflatable buoyancy tyre is separated into multiple independent room, separate Settings has high air tightness, break in individual air chamber, the other parts remain enough buoyancy, the boat has the very good heavy resistance. According to the buoyancy and separation requirements, when the gas chamber or adjacent two gas Chambers, or even the whole gas chamber is damaged, the whole boat still has some buoyancy to be ready for emergency treatment.

With sufficient buoyancy, the entire boat is in the maximum load (with a safety limit), and even if there is water filling the boat tank, it can still float to the surface.

Because the inflatable boat flanked by buoyancy, the possibility of lateral heeling boat body into the water is very small, plus have specialized in product design and manufacturing of the guarantee of the stability test, so even in the biggest load (even if there are larger waves), it will not lateral overturning. In normal use, all the fixed crew members will sit on one side of the buoyancy tire, and the boat will not capsize, and it will still be able to turn at a normal speed.

Except or inflatable inflatable keel, keel, floor rigidity are can be split and compact connection (still can guarantee the overall strength requirements), so that the boat can disassemble, easy to transfer and storage.

The main accessories, such as towed steel ring buckles, life support rope assemblies, lifters, OARS, and the components of the outboard outboard are all guaranteed.

Due to the high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high durability, inflatable boats can be used for 5 to 8 years in proper use and maintenance, and the maintenance is very simple.

Civil inflatable boat has experienced more than 40 years of development in the world, its manufacturing technology, no matter in theory or practice, has quite mature, strict rules, now except a boat international standard ISO 6185 system, European organization and more detailed rigorous standards (it is a pity that our country is still no corresponding standard). These standards in material strength, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to touch all kinds of corruption and adhesive fastness, air pressure, buoyancy, resistance to sink (chamber), stability and quality of spare parts, fittings and all kinds of performance testing and other aspects have made specific provisions. If the manufacturer strictly according to the standard production, it should be said that the use of inflatable boats is absolutely guaranteed.