CNC Custom Cutting EVA Foam Shape

CNC Customized Waterproof Marine Foam Mats can be install in any type of boat, like: sports & commercial fishing boats, flats boats, sailboats, ski boats, commercial marine craft, house boats and more.
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Product Details

Product Description:

1.Customized colors is available ;

2.Customized thickness is available;

3.Customized size in you requirement;
4.Customized shape according to supply drawing; 

5.Customized logo: We can make logo for your pad.

Product details: 


CNC Custom Cutting EVA Foam Shape

CNC Custom Cutting EVA Foam Shape

CNC Custom Cutting EVA Foam Shape

CNC Custom Cutting EVA Foam Shape


If you want to custom cutting EVA foam shape? We have three opinion for your reference:

1.  You can send the CAD or PDF file of your mat?

2. You can also draw sketch with accurate specifice size to us.

3. You can use any material that can draw the shape then send to us. Such as paper shape or PE Film but the drawing size need 1 : 1 to depict the shape.


Other colors can be customized:

EVA Foam sheet for boats

Boat floor

EVA deck pad.jpg

EVA surf pad.jpg











What is the largest sheet material?

94" x 47" is the largest sheet material we offer.



Can I re-stick my pad?

Yes you can restick any pad if the edges are starting to come lose. Be sure to use an acrylic based super glue. If the sheet has completely come off, you will need to thoroughly clean the area and apply a new sheet


What is your best selling two color pad?

Brown over Black, Grey over Black




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