The Price Trend of the EVA Material

- Apr 13, 2018-

As a new application field of new environmental materials, EVA's raw material price and sheet price are closely watched.

EVA import prices is all the way up from 2006 to 2008, from about 10800 CNY/ton to about 13600 CNY/ton.

In 2009, as the crude oil prices fell, resulting in EVA cost down. On the other hand, the financial crisis has caused a decrease demand for EVA reduction. These two factors led to the EVA import prices in 2009 fell to about 10200 CNY/ton.

After 2010, with the gradual recovery of the macroeconomic environment, EVA demand picks up gradually while the international crude oil prices goes up. EVA prices quickly rebounded to 13500 CNY/ton.

But price is not the ultimate guiding factor of our products. It is our vision to create the greatest value of products within a reasonable price range. We hope to continuously improve our technology, processing level and services so that these additional values make our product value limited by the price of raw materials.