The maintenance method of the fishing boat outboard

- Apr 10, 2018-

If you have a fishing boat of your own, but you don't use it very often, we need to maintain the main engine on the fishing boat. The specific maintenance method is as follows:

Wash the engine's appearance with clean water and thoroughly flush the cooling water system. Let the water completely empty. Wipe off all surface water with an oily rag.

Remove all fuel from the fuel line, fuel cock and carburetor and clean up the parts including the screen mesh in the fuel cock.

Disassemble the carburetor, remove all the dirt inside and clean it with gasoline and compressed air.

Remove the spark plug and use the spark plug to fill the engine oil or store the rust inhibitor. Pull the recoil starter handle several times to allow the oil to circulate to the internal parts.

Grease the propeller shaft with grease.

Replace gear oil in gearbox.

Grease the bolts and nuts on all sliding parts.

Wipe all the water and salt out of the electrical parts with a dry cloth.