The cleaning method of the car mat

- Apr 10, 2018-

Well-known auto supplies inside the most easy to get dirty is car floor mat, car floor mat, most are EVA mat if you use a brush head of vacuum cleaners vacuuming processing, can make more dirty carpet looks not so dirty. For dirtier carpets, only special detergent can be used.

1. Removal of blood stains. If the car floor mat was matted with blood, never use soap or hot water to remove, because the blood will solidify as they hit the soap or hot water, can timely with the wet cloth to wipe, and place a few drops in blood ammonia (ammonia), such as after a few minutes, reoccupy cloth to wipe clean with cold water.

2. Removal of dyeing agent. The sauce foods such as in the car with a tomato sauce, such as accidentally contaminated the car floor mat, or accidentally will lipstick stain on the floor MATS and seat, can use cold water wet cloth to wipe, or use a sponge to wipe gently, reoccupy foam cleanser, must not wipe with soap or hot water to wash. Also don't use soap or hot water to wash the coffee, cola, ice cream and other beverages leave a stain, because soap and hot water will trace on the seat surface, only wipe with cloth soaked in cold water first, reoccupy foam cleanser.

A big advantage of transparent car footpad is to be able to waterproof effectively, but some footpad modelling is relatively straight, this kind of modelling of car footpad is waterproof relatively to want to be less.

First of all, flat styling tends to cause water to flow to the edge of the car's footpad during the course of the car's journey, and to infiltrate the bottom of the foot pad along the edge. Secondly, the transparent car footpad has good air tightness, which causes the moisture in the bottom of the footpad to be unable to evaporate, and over time, it will lead to the rust of the automobile.

The floor of five small cars is not straight, it is in a concave shape. If the car foot pad that chooses flatness modelling, put up can not be very close to the floor of car, waterproof and dustproof effect will be greatly reduced. And the car footpad of basin shape can solve above two problems very well. It can not only prevent the water from running around in the car, but also stick to the floor of the car very well, which can make a good waterproof and dustproof effect.