The application prospect of inflatable boat in China

- Apr 10, 2018-

Our country with a long coastline and inland distribution of a wide range of river stream, lake, reservoir, small high-speed SBS (including inflatable boat accounts for a considerable proportion of) the demand is very considerable. If China's coastal port supervision, rescue, river navigation administration, salvage, fisheries management and water aquaculture, surface and underwater engineering work, flood relief, civil affairs, etc as required with oceangoing ships, and combined with adequate equipped with border, public security, customs, and water sports entertainment, water tourist attractions, the water is widely used to paddle (film processing and molding of the inflatable boat inflatable boats are not described in this article), its demand for big is undoubted.

Whether China's inflatable boats can be developed is crucial to the ability of the industry's competent authorities to grasp the overall picture and organize carefully. China's inflatable boats can be exported to foreign markets in addition to domestic demand. There is a great demand in domestic and foreign markets, and the development and production scale of inflatable boats in China is still relatively small, which is a good opportunity for us to develop vigorously. The shipbuilding industry shall establish construction standards and a series of related technical documents as soon as possible, such as construction specifications, factory approval, product approval and product inspection. In addition, it is necessary to solve the development of synthetic rubber blanket and color natural rubber blanket or other suitable materials. If our country can not solve the quality craft material, just depends on the import material or the development of PVC material inflatable boat, its future is also limited.

In the face of domestic large inflatable boat equipped with (potential), consumer demand and foreign numerous merchants frequently for various types of inflatable boat actual demand in our country, it is necessary to accelerate the process of development and production inflatable boat. At present, some enterprises have taken the step of developing and producing civil inflatable boats spontaneously, and have achieved some encouraging results. It is believed that the development of inflatable boat will have a bright prospect in all aspects.