Marine eva foam sheet uses

- Jul 08, 2020-

Our marine eva foam sheet is mainly used for DIY boat, kayak, Jet Ski, SUP deck pads, divided into four categories according to different processes and uses, namely Brushed marine eva foam sheet, Emboseed boat foam sheet, faux teak decking sheet,diamond sup eva sheet.

Brushed marine eva foam sheet is usually the most popular single layer of 5MM, and double layer of 6MM or 8MM, 3 layers of 9MM, customers who buy this pattern generally have their own CNC machine, they can carve through their CNC machine To engrave custom products such as boat floor, kayak deck pads, jet ski traction mats, SUP deck pad, coaming pads, fishing ruler, cooler top pad, helm station pad, swim platform pad, etc.

brushed eva boat decking

custom EVA foam decking

Emboseed boat foam sheet is made by heating at high temperature, engraving the texture you want on the grinding tool and hot pressing at high temperature. At present, our most popular are 5MM single layer embossed honeycomb and emboseed dots, customers You can use a sharp knife to DIY deck pads for your boat, kayak, Jet ski ,sup etc.of course, few people like double or three layer foam sheet for cnc carving.

embossed boat foam sheet

faux teak decking sheet is our best-selling DIY marine flooring. The process of this product is grooved on the basis of brushed. brown with black lines and grey with black line are the most popular colors. The cutting and installation are simple and easy. The advantages of maintenance, waterproof, shockproof and thermal insulation are loved by more and more people.

faux teak decking sheet

The diamond sup eva sheet pattern is mainly used for SUP. Of course, some people like to use it on boats and jet ski. Usually we have three different diamond patterns, which are right-angle diamonds. The maximum size of this pattern can only be 2400*600MM. One is the alloy knife diamond, the maximum size of this pattern can be 2400*900MM, and the other is the grooved diamond, the maximum size can be 1900*700MM.