marine boat flooring opinion

- Aug 26, 2019-

                                                  Boat flooring opinion

1: The boat flooring should be clean, environmental protection and safety.


2: The boat flooring needs wear-resisting and non-deformation, anti-skid, sound-absorbing, anti-static, easy to disassemble, light body, waterproof and anti-skid.

Komin Sport specialize in EVA foam boat flooring for sports boat, fishing boat, flats bottom boats,sailboats,ski boats,house boat,pontoon boats,towboats.)


The simple, natural EVA foam boat decking is one of Komin's EVA foam products.

added safety

footing traction

stability and traction


Reduces stress, absorbs shock

Keeps boat surfaces from getting marked or damaged

reduce noise

Anti-Fungal Resistant

Mold & Mildew Resistant

UV Resistant

UV Protection


Net weight:3KG/sheet

Method:First, you can buy the full size sheet. The standard size of our sheet is 2.4M*1.2M*6MM( about 2.88 sqm ).

Using a sharp bit to cut the sheet according to the shape of your boat.

If you have CNC engraving machine, you can buy 2400*1200*6MM brushed marine eva sheet to carve according to the client's boat floor documents.

If you don't have CNC machine and want to make your boat floor more beautiful,  you can send us the CAD file of your boat flooring for this customization.