How to install the Komin Sport EVA Deck Pad

- Apr 16, 2018-

Tools: Towel, Acetone (Water), Tape, Knife

1. Clean the surface of boat with acetone and towel

2. Lay out all the pads on the correct (designed) position

3. Choose the first pad intended to install, turn the back side up. Cut off the back adhesive paper from the center, be carefully not cut into the pad.

4. Turn the pad front side back, adjust to the position you want to paste. Taping one side to avoid the pad moving.

5. Carefully peeling the back adhesive paper of the other side, press the mat to fit the surface of the boat completely.

6. Tear off the tape of another side, peel the back adhesive and stick on.

7. Paste other pads in the same way.