How to choose high-quality EVA foam boat decking

- Jun 16, 2020-

How to choose high quality EVA foam boat decking?

When we set foot on the boat, the first thing we come into contact with is the floor. The floor not only protects the hull surface of the yacht, but also plays a role of anti-skid, anti-vibration and noise reduction, so the quality of the boat floor is very important.


Eva foam boat decking is a new type of composite ship deck material, which is loved by more and more boat

manufacturer and boat owners around the world.

 The advantages are:

 The price is affordable

 Easy to clean

 Easy installation with marine self-adhesive

 Various patterns and suits can be customized

 Good anti-skid effect

 Green and environmental protection, no harmful odor

EVA foam boat decking has a wide range of applications, boat,yachts, pontoons, sailboats, inflatable boats, motor boats, kayaks, passenger boats, military boats, yacht docks, boardwalks, courtyards and balconies, swimming pools, hot spring floors, hot tub, swim spa Can be used.


The quality level of eva foam boat decking on the market is uneven. Some floor manufacturers use very cheap recycled materials and very cheap self-adhesive in order to obtain greater profits. What will happen if you choose a bad material?

1:There are a lot of sand holes and dirt on the surface of the material

2:Lamination is not strong

3:Fading easily

4:Easy to shrink

5:Adhesive is easy to fall off


How to choose high-quality EVA foam boat decking

1: Test the tensile force and elasticity of eva foam boat decking material. The greater the tensile force, the better the elasticity and the better the quality.

2: Cut a piece of sample and put it in the sun to expose to the sun for a month, the smaller the color change, the better the material shrinks and the better the quality

3: Test the peeling force and seawater resistance of the adhesive. The stronger the peeling force, the better the seawater resistance and the better the quality of the adhesive.


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