How to buy a boat ?

- Jun 18, 2020-

How to buy a boat ?

1. What is the purpose of your boat purchase?

First of all, the boat is a very personalized special product, and the biggest difference between boats and speedboats, cruise boats is the privacy of the boat. So the purpose of most people buying boats is to meet the needs of personal privacy. Most people buy yachts for the purpose of holding small private gatherings of friends, family and business (not the Haitian Shengyan anyway). There are also some sea fishermen, hoping to have their own yacht to offshore fishing and so on. There are also some that you can want to go to sea to sail and dive.

2. Where is the boat you buy used for? Of course, buying a yacht is for use in the sea. " But in fact, the yacht can also be used in fresh waters such as lakes and rivers. Used in different places, the requirements for boats are also different. For example, the restrictions on the speed of boats in the sea area, the requirements for the maximum draught of the dock, and so on. In addition, if you want to sail a long distance, there are certain requirements for the stability (anti-wind and wave performance) and maximum range of the boat.

3. What is your personal preference for boats? There are many types of yachts (discussed below), and choosing a boats based on personal preference is also an important aspect. For example, people who like fast boats need to choose high-power engines. Those who like sea fishing are better equipped with a fish search radar, a comfortable fishing area and so on. Those who like diving need to place diving equipment (air compressor occupies a large area) and so on. Those who like swimming and sunbathing need to have a spacious deck and so on.

Of course, after the boat is purchased, it is to buy a suitable set of flooring for your boat. Komin sport is a factory specializing in the production of eva foam marine flooring. Customized EVA foam boat flooring, kayak deck pad, jet ski traction pad have been sold to all around the world. 


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