How Do I Install EVA Foam Boat Decking

- Dec 08, 2020-

How to install EVA foam boat decking?

Many customers don't know how to install our EVA foam boat decking correctly, let me introduce you to the correct installation method.

EVA foam boat decking started in the United States. When our company participated in the Shanghai Boat Show in China, the Sydney Boat Show in Australia, and the Dutch Yacht Accessories Show in 2018, many customers who came to the exhibition were not familiar with our product. I don’t understand, in just two years in 2020, this eva foam boat floor has been rising all over the world, and it is liked by many marine accessories suppliers, boat manufacturer, and boat, kayak, and motorboat owners.

Of course, because it is a newly emerging product, although many customers are attracted by the easy and simple installation of this product, they still don't know how to install it correctly. Improper installation leads to the product being easily degummed and the use cycle is short. So, how should we install this EVA foam boat decking?

The installation steps are as follows:

1: Use alcohol or water to wipe the surface of the yacht until it is dry and clean. If your yacht is a new boat, you need to wipe it several times.

2: After the yacht surface is clean and dry, put our EVA foam boat decking on the part that needs to be pasted, and fix the floor mat with adhesive paper.

3: Slowly tear off the adhesive tape on the back, tearing and sticking it on the yacht until the whole piece is pasted.

4: Use a flat and heavy object to repeatedly roll the surface of the deck pad to make the adhesive more firmly adhere to the surface of the boat.

5: It can be used in the sea after 2-3 days after installation.

If you still don’t understand the installation of our eva foam boat decking, you can log on to our website to contact us, or send an email directly to, we can provide the installation video for your reference.

How to install EVA foam boat decking