EVA pads introduce the difference between asbestos gaskets and non-asbestos gaskets

- Apr 10, 2018-

EVA pads introduce the difference between asbestos gaskets and non-asbestos gaskets.

1. What is the difference between asbestos sealing material and non-asbestos sealing material? Why is that?

Answer: 1. Asbestos sealing material is more resistant to high temperature than non-asbestos sealing material. Asbestos, packing and rubber are the main components of asbestos packing materials, with high temperature resistance of asbestos and packing. Most of non-asbestos sealing materials mainly of mineral fiber, organic fiber, filler and rubber, organic fiber temperature resistance at 200 ℃ or so commonly, through scientific research, the bird of non-asbestos gasket around the highest heat resistance has up to 1000 ℃.

2. Asbestos sealing material is more mechanical than non-asbestos sealing material.

(1) asbestos fiber surface with polyvalent metal cation, and the surface of rubber to form strong interface bonding with negative charge, can improve the bonding strength of the fiber, which can improve the asbestos sealing material mechanical strength. However, all kinds of non-asbestos mineral fiber and rubber matrix have less direct affinity than asbestos, so the binding strength of rubber fiber is not as good as asbestos.

(2) the asbestos fiber can be subdivided almost infinitely, and its specific surface area is larger than that of non-asbestos mineral fiber, so the enhancement effect is obvious.

(3) the tensile strength of asbestos fiber is higher than that of non-asbestos fiber, so the enhancement effect of asbestos fiber is obvious.

3. No asbestos sealing material is better than asbestos sealing material. Due to the high packing content and different particle size of asbestos sealing material, the microgap of glue fiber can be fully filled. For example, the baide seal USES a high precision sieve, and the material is more uniform. In addition, asbestos-free fibers do not have tubular structures like asbestos fibers, but are solid structures, so the density is better.

4. No asbestos sealing material belongs to environmental protection type, and asbestos sealing material belongs to non-environmental protection type. Asbestos fibres contained in asbestos are easy to produce silicosis, and asbestos - free materials do not contain asbestos fibres. It is important to note that at present, there are few non-asbestos manufacturers with 100% asbestos composition in China, so it is necessary to carefully discriminate the purchase.

5, it is well known that the seriousness of the harm to human body health, asbestos materials in Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries have already forbids the use of asbestos material, and our country will also be phased out asbestos sealing material, replaced by no asbestos sealing material.