EVA foam pad is a strong anti-pressure environment

- Apr 10, 2018-

As we know, the material of EVA foam MATS to some extent, is has good flexibility, so on for use in environmental stress cracking resistance, and weather resistance are also has the very good advantages, is completely suitable for industrial power and wire insulation material leather industry, especially for household appliances accessories above and sealing materials, etc.

So EVA foam pads can be used for car accessories with lightning arresters, fenders and decorative accessories inside and outside the car. Especially foam products and pressurized foam and foam plastic slippers, sandals, and as a building material, etc., to say the foam parts can be applied to various industries, especially the female sole and hot melt adhesive, etc. When the furnace melt index reaches a certain index, the content of vinyl acetate is very elastic and soft and soluble. In addition, the transparency is also improved, and when the VAC content reaches a certain level, the impact performance and the anti-pressure environmental application ability will be improved.