EVA foam is a popular environmental protection material

- Apr 10, 2018-

EVA foam can be covered with protective material, such as cotton cloth, breathable felt, etc. The effect of EVA material is to ensure that EVA foam is able to maintain the temperature required for EVA foam forming during the period before it is formed. In the case of small deflection of the style that needs to be processed, the design of forming die should be simple. EVA foam moulds are not tall, and are made of wood, polyester or epoxy natural resins or fiberglass molds. The forming of the components can be accomplished by the vacuum/non-vacuum plastic mold or Yin/Yang mold. In order to ensure that EVA material can extend the guarantee film edge in the mould with small resistance, it is necessary to have a larger radian. The temperature of EVA foam is reduced very quickly. The temperature deceleration on both sides should be the same, avoiding rebound and deformation. Once shaping a good component temperature down to under 80 ℃, can be extracted from the mold.

EVA is also called the EVA foam, EVA material can do EVA products, anti-static EVA products, high-frequency EVA products, no smell, environmental protection, such as EVA products, widely used in IT, electronic appliances, metal machinery, glass products, precision spectrograph, and other products packaging. EVA foam products good flexibility, light weight, density, and rich elastic energy as a cushioning material to protect the products better reference and spread the external impact force, back pads can also be on the product appearance of quakeproof anti friction effect. At the same time, EVA materials have a series of superior service characteristics such as heat preservation, moisture proof and corrosion resistance.

As fine quality of EVA foam, shockproof EVA foam of the specific heat capacity is low, because a large number of cut EVA material looks clearance acted as a cooling channel and EVA foam appearance quickly reduce the temperature, the heat energy to keep small. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the foam sheet to avoid the temperature of EVA foam from drying oven or heating plate.

EVA foam prior to hot forming is important to the EVA foam to dry to handle, and link up with glue stick hot forming need to EVA material heating, heating process can be in the oven, the heating plate or infrared heater. The duration of heating depends on the thickness of the plate (approximately 1mm/min).