Eva Foam Faux Teak Reviews

- Dec 19, 2020-

  Due to the high labor intensity, long labor time and cumbersome procedures during the laying process of solid wood flooring, it brings inconvenience to the packaging, transportation, storage and installation of the floor. At the same time, the laid floor has low stability, structural integrity and mechanical strength. Poor

In order to meet the requirements of yacht floor decoration, and take into account the stability, compressive strength, and beauty of the floor, currently, EVA foam faux teak boat flooring is used by more and more small and medium-sized boats, RIB inflatable boats, jet ski boats, leather Used in rowing boats.

Eva foam faux teak boat flooring provide several advantage compare to traditional wooden or PVC material:




Elegant and Customized outlook    

Easy installation and cleaning

Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, the adhesive is inconsistent with different yacht surface materials, resulting in unstable service life of the adhesive.

With the emergence of many low-quality EVA foam faux teak boat flooring on the market, many different quality problems have appeared:

1: For example, using low-quality, untested adhesive, it is very easy to degummed.

2: Use bad EVA foam material, it is easy to appear fading, aging, shrinkage and other problems in the hot summer.

3: For double-layer laminated or three-layer laminated EVA foam faux teak boat flooring, if the bonding is not strong, EVA delamination is likely to occur, and some places will arch after being attached to the yacht.

The above problems will cause serious losses to users, so whether it is a shipyard, an intermediate trader, or the ultimate yacht user, please choose your supplier carefully.

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 These are my reviews on eva foam fuax teak.

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