Eva foam decking—The characteristics and precautions of EVA material

- Jun 24, 2020-

Eva foam decking—The characteristics and precautions of EVA material

EVA as a new material now appears in home life, it often plays a role in sound insulation materials, floor materials, cushioning materials, etc. appear in decoration projects. EVA material has many advantages as a floor, for example, good earthquake resistance, waterproof, anti-electricity and so on. Let me know about EVA materials.

eva foam decking sheet

EVA foam decking-EVA material characteristics

Water resistance: closed cell structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, good water resistance.

Corrosion resistance: resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free.

Workability: No joints, and easy to hot press, cut, glue, fit and other processing.

Anti-vibration: high resilience and anti-tension, high toughness, good shock resistance and cushioning performance.

Thermal insulation: thermal insulation, thermal insulation and low temperature performance are excellent, can withstand severe cold and exposure.

Sound insulation: closed cells, good sound insulation.

EVA foam decking

EVA foam decking—common characteristics of EVA material

When the content of vinyl acetate in EVA is less than 20%, it can be used as plastic at this time. EVA has good low temperature resistance, its thermal decomposition temperature is low, about 230 ℃, as the molecular weight increases, the softening point of EVA rises, the processability and surface gloss of plastic parts decrease, but the strength increases, impact The toughness and environmental stress cracking resistance are improved. The chemical resistance and oil resistance of EVA is slightly worse than that of PE and PVC, and the change is more obvious as the content of vinyl acetate increases.

The performance of EVA is better than PE, mainly in terms of elasticity, flexibility, gloss, breathability, etc. In addition, its resistance to environmental stress cracking has been improved, and the tolerance of the filler has been increased. More reinforcing fillers can be added. Ways to avoid or reduce the decline of EVA mechanical properties than PE. EVA can also be modified to obtain new applications. Its modification can be considered from two aspects: one is to use EVA as the backbone of other monomer grafting; the other is to partially alcoholyze.