eva foam boat decking high temperature test

- Jun 18, 2020-

Testing Company: Shenzhen Komin Sporting Goods Co.,Ltd

Testing Condition:

(1) Machine: High temperature test machine

(2) Test Temperature: 110℃ (=230℉)

(3) EVA foam boat decking Material: Anti UV 4.5 G

                                                           Anti UV 3.5 G

                                                           Anti UV 2.0 G

                                                          Without Anti UV

(4) Test Hours: 1 hour

High temperature test

The test results prove that our anti-UV4.5G material has not changed in the harsh environment of 110 degrees. You may say that the application environment of our EVA foam boat flooring will not have such a high temperature, and the highest is more than forty. Degrees, no, this is a wrong idea. Our boat is exposed to the sun for 12 hours in the hot summer. The temperature on the floor is very high, although there will be no changes in material shrinkage within 1 hour. , But noticeable contraction will occur in about a month.

At present, many suppliers choose bad eva foam boat materials in pursuit of maximum profit. Although the price is cheap, the service life is very short. In fact, the cost will be much higher. And our EVA foam boat decking uses the best UV-resistant materials and genuine marine-grade 3M adhesive, high and low temperature resistance, shrinkage resistance, aging resistance, external resistance, we can provide free samples for customers to test.


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