Custom Eva Foam Boat Floor for yamaha AR210

- Jul 09, 2020-

Komin Sport are a factory specializing in customizing boat floors. Our floors use the best marine grade UV-resistant eva foam materials. So far, we have customized thousands of boat type floors for many customers.

An Arab customer found us through Alibaba. He wanted to customize a set of eva foam boat floor for his jet boat yamaha 212X, but he did not have the exact size for his jet ski boat. We checked our document library at the time and found us Only the floor size document of yamaha ar210, later found through various queries

yamaha 2006-2012 AR210

2006-2007 SR 210

2006-2008/2010-2012 SX210

2008-2011 212SS

2008/10 212X

2010 212S

These boat floors size are the same. After sending it to the customer for confirmation, the customer chose the black surface and light blue bottom according to their own preferences and the style of the boat. The texture is CNC-cut pieces of texture, and added to the rear of the swimming platform pad logo.

Soon the customer confirmed the order, we produced the product in 7 days and sent it to the customer by courier, the customer received it in about 5 days, very satisfied with our product, and sent us the photo after installation, the customer said soon After that, he will purchase two sets of the same boat floor to help customers customize his satisfied boat floor. We are very happy. We also hope that more and more customers will cooperate with us. We believe that our products and services will not let you down.

custom eva foam boat floor for Yamaha 212x

yamaha 212X 2008