Brushed Eva Foam Marine Sheet Color Reference

- Jul 15, 2020-

Usually brushed eva foam marine sheet is used to engrave boat floor kits, kayak deck pad kits, jet ski traction kits, ect. Different boat /yacht/kayak/jet ski styles and different people have different color preferences, the color matching floor is with us As people wear clothes, a set of suitable color floors is very important for boat,yacht,jet ski,kayak.

Below are some of the brushed eva foam sheet color combinations we have produced for other customers for your reference.

brushed eva foam sheet

brushed foam sheet color reference

Red: the most powerful color, a symbol of enthusiasm, lively du, passion and joy. It is easy to encourage courage. The West Dao uses this as a symbol of war-related sacrifice, while the East stands for auspicious, optimistic, and festive.

Green: A very special color, it is neither cool nor warm, and it belongs to the middle color. On behalf of freshness and hope. Represents a sense of security, calmness, and comfort. In a place where the four seasons are distinct, such as seeing spring trees, green tender leaves, and the colors of nature. After reading, it makes people feel fresh.

Orange: composed of red and yellow. It can also be called orange, which represents fashion, youth, happiness, and vitality. Blazing life, the sun is orange.

Yellow: lively color, the highest brightness, can not afford to dilute white. The East represents dignity and elegance, and the West uses yellow as a symbol of shame.

Blue: Sky blue represents tranquility, freshness, and freedom. It is a color that many people like. Sky blue is the same as pink, which is a soothing color. It makes people feel relaxed when they see it;

White: bright, flawless, ice and snow. Ruthless, expressing a sense of purity, and relaxed, pleasant, thick white will have a feeling of growth. There is also a special color called off-white, which is a very pale yellow in white, often the color of clothes and shoes.

Black: deep, solemn, erotic, mysterious, thoughtful, extreme colors. If it is matched with other colors, it contains concentration and center of gravity.

Gray: elegant, simple, simple. Represents loneliness, indifference, money worship, gray makes people feel realistic.

We can match the brushed EVA foam marine sheet according to the different feelings of the color, so as to carve out a set of floor or deck pad that is most suitable for ourselves.

brushed eva foam marine sheet