Eva Teak Decking For 2010 SeaRay 270 SLX

Advantages of eva teak decking for 2010 SeaRay 270 SLX: 1: environmental protection. 2: High elasticity and super anti-skid 3: Waterproof and moisture proof 4: Sound absorption and noise prevention 5: Simple cutting and stitching 6: Fast installation and construction, rich variety of colors, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion 7: Easy maintenance and low cost
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Product description:

We have the documentation of the eva teak decking for 2010 SeaRay 270 SLX, you just need to tell us what color and texture you want.

We can customize the personalized floor for you.

There are several ways to customize the boat floor, you can choose the one you want?

1: If your boat is not 2010 SeaRay 270 SLX, you can tell us the specific model of your boat, we will check if we have this   document.

2:You can send us CAD or AI files of your boat floor.

3:You can buy our full sheet and use a sharp knife to cut according to the shape of your boat floor.

Please check that your boat floor is consistent with our documentation.

eva foam boat flooringeva boat flooring

faux teak boat flooring for 2018 SeaRay 190

you can send us the CAD file of your boat flooring for this customization.


self adhesive boat flooring for searay

Fishing Boat Flooring

boat floor foam

eva foam boat flooringeva foam boat flooring

You can also choose the following pattern.

eva boat decking

eva boat flooring



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg


Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



How do I prep the surface?

Use an ammonia based window cleaner and a scotch brite pad to remove any dirt, sunscreen, wax. sweat, etc. Scrub well and let dry completely. If the boat is new, you should repeat several times as new boats have mold release that may hinder adhesion.

What is the best method to clean Komin Sport?

Komin Sport cleans easily with soap, hot water and a stiff brush.

A number of household products can be used such as SoftScrub, Simple Green, 409, bleach, etc. Please do not use an acid base cleaner such as MaryKate’s Hull Cleaner.

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