Eva Boat Flooring For SeaRay 268 Sundancer

1, New-Age Nonskid . 2, Soft, Durable,Colorful Boat Decks. 3, Keeping Your Boat Deck Clean. 4, Stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed. 5, Self-adhesion, easy to installation.
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Product Details

Product description:

Our eva boat flooring is made of eva foam material.

The eva boat flooring for SeaRay 268 Sundancer has rubber-like elasticity, is very soft and tough, and can still have good flexibility at minus 50 , good transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti-aging and ozone resistance Good strength and non-toxic. Good blending with filler, good coloring and molding processability.


We have the documentation of the eva boat flooring for SeaRay 268 Sundancer, you just need to tell us what color and texture you want, 

We can customize the personalized floor for you.


Please check that your boat floor is consistent with our documentation.

1988 SeaRay 268 Sundancer

Of course, you can also buy our 2.4M * 1.2M eva foam decking sheet for cutting according to 

your boat shape.

eva foam boat flooringeva boat flooring

Our other customers' eva foam boat flooring designs and 

color combinations are for your reference.

eva boat flooring

If you don't have CNC machine and want to make your boat floor more beautiful,  you can send us the CAD file of your boat flooring for this customization.

eva foam boat flooring

eva boat flooring for SeaRay

foam boat decking


 If you need customized color please tell me the pantone number, thank you.

boat floor foam

eva foam boat flooringeva foam boat flooring

You can also choose the following pattern.

eva boat decking

eva boat flooring



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg


Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



How is Komin Sport applied?

Komin Sport is applied using a pre applied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Can Komin Sport be applied over existing non-skid?

Komin Sport adheres very well to most molded-in non-skids and properly applied and maintained aggregate type non-skid paints, as long as the surface is cleaned properly.

What colors are available?

Stock colors are caribbean blue, bimini blue, bahama blue, midnight black, olive green, seafoam green, storm gray, hatteras white, cool gray, beach sand, aqua camo, army camo, snow camo, mica, mocha, camel, faux teak: teak over black, titanium, teak over holly, holly over teak.

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