Marine Foam Sheet

marine foam sheet: 1, Easy to cut and install. 2, Can customize the size. 3, Rich colors and any combination. 4, Soft, UV resistant, high and low temperature resistant. 5,3M marine grade adhesive.
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Product Description:

Komin specializes in supplying super strong anti-UV, multi-texture, multi-color marine foam sheets. Among them, the brushed marine foam sheet with double-sided lamination and the double-layer laminated grooved marine foam sheet are our most popular.

Brushed marine foam sheet is mainly used for CNC cutting. Usually, the CAD or AI file of the boat floor is imported into the system, and the CNC machine tool can be used to cut according to the boat floor document.

image display:

teak brushed eva marine foam sheetCNC cutting brushed marine foam sheet


brown with black lines eva boat flooring

grey with black lines eva foam decking

Video display

Color reference

brushed eva foam sheet

brushed marine foam sheet

Our grooved marine foam sheet has two kinds of grooves, which are straight groove and U groove, the maximum size of marine foam sheet is 2400*1200MM, about 2.88 square, the color can be customized arbitrarily.

Straight groove eva marine foam sheet

eva faux teak decking sheet

U Groove eva faux teak sheet

eva faux teak

faux teak sheet


grooved marine foam sheet

Video display

Color reference

grooved eva marine foam sheet

Grooved faux teak sheet

You can also choose the following pattern.

eva foam decking texture

eva boat flooring texture



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



If I choose to remove the pad how do I do this?

Komin marine flooring  is designed for a semi-permanent installation, but can be removed. The best method is to use a plastic putty knife to get under one corner, then grip and pull off. If the PE/EVA seems to be sticking and tearing, apply small amounts of acetone to the PSA and continue lifting with the putty knife. You may want to enlist another set of hands to assist. Once the entire pad is removed, there will be a small amount of PSA left on the surface. Soak with mineral spirits for 10 minutes, scrap with the plastic putty knife and a rag. Once the PSA has been removed, use acetone to remove the mineral spirits.


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