Eva Foam Faux Teak Decking Sheet

eva foam boat decking brushed grey over black: 1, Easy to install. 2, Can customize color,size,Logo, thickness 3, UV3000H 4, Resistance to aging and shrinkage 5,3M marine grade adhesive.
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Product Details

Product description of eva foam faux teak decking sheet

This eva foam faux teak decking sheet is made of 729C brown and black. Treat the surface with a non-slip brushed and then faux teak grooved treatment. 2400x1200mm is our most popular size at the moment. of course, if you want to sell on Amazon and Ebay, we recommend that you use 2400x900mm, which will save shipping costs.

Product Usage

At present, this product is mainly used for DIY small and medium-sized yacht floors, because this EVA foam faux teak decking sheet is easy to install, economical and convenient to maintain. Now many people will choose it for DIY kayaks, motor boats, SUP , Swimming pool floor.

Product image presentation

faux teak decking sheet

Eva Foam Faux Teak Sheet

Eva Foam Faux Teak Decking SheetCNC cutting brushed eva foam boat deckig


custom eva boat flooring

custom eva foam decking

Video display

Color reference

brushed eva foam sheet

brushed marine foam sheet

faux teak marine foam sheet


Video display

Color reference

grooved eva marine foam sheet

Grooved faux teak sheet

eva foam decking texture

eva boat flooring texture



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



How is Komin Sport applied?

Komin Sport is applied using a pre applied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Can Komin Sport be applied over existing non-skid?

Komin Sport adheres very well to most molded-in non-skids and properly applied and maintained aggregate type non-skid paints, as long as the surface is cleaned properly.

What colors are available?

Stock colors are caribbean blue, bimini blue, bahama blue, midnight black, olive green, seafoam green, storm gray, hatteras white, cool gray, beach sand, aqua camo, army camo, snow camo, mica, mocha, camel, faux teak: teak over black, titanium, teak over holly, holly over teak.

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