Eva Foam Decking Sheet

eva foam boat decking brushed grey over black: 1, Easy to install. 2, Can customize color,size,Logo, thickness 3, UV3000H 4, Resistance to aging and shrinkage 5,3M marine grade adhesive.
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Product Details

Product description of eva foam decking sheet

This EVA foam decking sheet is made of 9C medium gray and black. Treat the surface with a non-slip brushed and then faux teak grooved treatment. It is not difficult to find that our groove is different from the upper vertical 90 degree slot on the market. We use more expensive and more beautiful groove processing methods, and have applied for appearance patents in countries all over the world.

Product advantages:

Our EVA foam decking sheet uses marine eva foam with a hardness of 55-60 degrees and a density of 160-180 kilograms per cubic meter. Compared with the deck materials of 40-50 degrees on the market, it will be more durable and not easy to be deformed and damaged.

Our EVA foam decking sheet is added with higher-cost anti-UV agents and anti-shrinkage and aging agents, which are not easy to fade and aging shrink in harsh ocean environments.

eva decking sheet

EVA foam faux teak sheet

marine non skid sheets

eva foam decking sheet with groove

CNC cutting brushed eva foam boat deckig


custom eva boat flooring

custom eva foam decking

Video display

Color reference

brushed eva foam sheet

brushed marine foam sheet

faux teak marine foam sheet


Video display

Color reference

grooved eva marine foam sheet

Grooved faux teak sheet

eva foam decking texture

eva boat flooring texture



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



What are your most popular texture?

Brushed and embossed,grooved 

What are the sizes of your eva foam decking?

2400*1200mm , 2100*1100mm ,2400*900mm

Can we customize colors?

Yes, you can custom any size.

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