EVA Foam Decking Diy

eva foam boat decking brushed grey over black: 1, Easy to install. 2, Can customize color,size,Logo, thickness 3, UV3000H 4, Resistance to aging and shrinkage 5,3M marine grade adhesive.
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EVA foam decking Diy

The size of this EVA foam decking is 2400*1200*6MM, which is about 2.88 square. You can measure the approximate square of your boat deck and then decide how many pieces to buy.

How to diy eva foam decking sheet?

You can buy a few sharp blades, cut the deck sheet according to the shape of your yacht deck, then clean the surface of the yacht deck with alcohol or clean water, and then tear off the adhesive behind the DIY EVA foam decking sheet after drying. , And then paste it up. Then use a flat weight to flatten it several times

Eva Foam Decking Diy


grooved marine foam sheet

Video display

Color reference

grooved eva marine foam sheet

Grooved faux teak sheet

eva foam decking texture

eva boat flooring texture



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



What are your most popular texture?

Brushed and embossed,grooved 

What are the sizes of your eva foam decking?

2400*1200mm , 2100*1100mm ,2400*900mm

Can we customize colors?

Yes, you can custom any size.

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