Boat Foam Sheets

marine foam sheet: 1, Easy to cut and install. 2, Can customize the size. 3, Rich colors and any combination. 4, Soft, UV resistant, high and low temperature resistant. 5,3M marine grade adhesive.
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Product Description:

Our boat foam sheet is made of EVA foam material that resists UV 3000 hours and genuine marine grade 3M adhesive, which makes our boat foam sheet better applied in the harsh environment of the ocean.

Our marine foam sheet is sold all over the world, currently the most popular on the market is faux teak foam sheet for boat, brushed foam sheet for cnc cutting boat kits, diamond foam sheet for sup.

Brushed marine foam sheet is mainly used for CNC cutting. Usually, the CAD or AI file of the boat floor is imported into the system, and the CNC machine tool can be used to cut according to the boat floor document.

image display:

teak brushed eva marine foam sheetCNC cutting brushed marine foam sheet


brown with black lines eva boat flooring

grey with black lines eva foam decking

Video display

Color reference

brushed eva foam sheet

brushed marine foam sheet

Our grooved marine foam sheet has two kinds of grooves, which are straight groove and U groove, the maximum size of marine foam sheet is 2400*1200MM, about 2.88 square, the color can be customized arbitrarily.

Straight groove eva marine foam sheet

eva faux teak decking sheet

U Groove eva faux teak sheet

eva faux teak

faux teak sheet


grooved marine foam sheet

Video display

Color reference

grooved eva marine foam sheet

Grooved faux teak sheet

You can also choose the following pattern.

eva foam decking texture

eva boat flooring texture



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



How can   I get a sample to check your quality?
The   sample can be free, and the freight will be in charge of you. After payment   done, we will arrange samples for you immediately. May I have your full   address, I will check the freight for you accordingly.
How long can I expect to get   the sample?
For   stock sample, we can send out immediately, while for new samples, it will   take around 7~10days
Packaging &   Shipping
For small quantities, we pack them in rolls, which can be delivered by express.We   pack more than 50 sheets in flat pack, usually by sea shipping.

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