Eva Foam Suppliers

Eva Foam Suppliers

Product Description High Quality EVA Foam Sheets Without Adhesive are widely used in Sports, Shoes, causal shoes, Slippers, toys, sporting goods, fitness equipment,water sports products, Gym MATS, and Industry of packaging, bag and cased handicrafts architectural decoration, marine,etc.
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EVA and PEVA advantages and disadvantages :

EVA and PEVA performance characteristics and advantages and disadvantages analysis EVA and PEVA is very popular environmental protection plastic material at present there are many restrictions on PVC(polyvinyl chloride) regulations and instructions in the international.The main reason is the harmful substances and non-biodegradable characteristics of PVC.In order to reduce the risk of violating international restrictions and enhance their market image, manufacturers and brand-name manufacturers are replacing PVC with some new environment-friendly plastic materials.Up to now, EVA, namely ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer is a kind of environmental protection plastic material which can replace PVC most.The cost of EVA is not expensive compared with PVC, but EVA itself does not harm the environment.Speaking, the use and effect of EVA and PVC are very similar, but EVA can absolutely avoid most of the international regulations on toxicity, so EVA is the new trend in the future of plastics industry.

Product Description: 

Our EVA foam sheet is closed cell foam. It is hot sale, popular, effective replacement for many materials.


Closed Cell EVA foam





EVA thickness

6 mm


25-80 degrees



1.Specification:As your request

2.Color:As your requst

3.OEM and other professional service


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