Non Skid Swim Mats For Boats

High-quality EVA(Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) environmental protection materials. 2. Elastic, not easy deformation, not easy to tear. 3. High Density, not easy to damage. Odorless, non-toxic. 4. Self-adhesion, easy to installation. 5. Stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed. 6. Provides a non-slippery surface for your boat in both wet & dry conditions.
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Non skid swim mats for boats


Material: Closed Cell EVA foam

Color: Grey or customized

Size: customized

Texture: rushed &grooved

EVA thickness:6mm or 1-50mm



1. Thickness: 3-20mm (whole plate), with the error range of ±0.2mm

2. The general specifications of sheet are 2400X600mm,2400X900mm and 2400X1200mm

3. Color: the base color is black, white or other customized colors, while the top color can be brown, gray or any other customized colors.

Hardness: normally 45-60 (high density), error range: ±3P.Generally with a measure to test.

5. 3M genuine super glue on the back

6. We can customize the patterns and CNC LOGO.

7. Deep processing: molding according to customer requirements, EVA can be single side adhesive or double side adhesive.

8, performance: water resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, flame retardant, anti-static, etc

9, water resistance: closed bubble hole structure, not water absorption, moistureproof, good water resistance.

10, corrosion resistance: resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution.

11, processing: and easy to hot pressing, cutting, coating, laminating and other processing.

12, shock resistance: high resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, with good shock/buffer performance.

13, heat preservation: heat insulation, heat preservation and low temperature performance excellent, can withstand cold and exposure.

14, sound insulation: closed bubble hole, sound insulation effect is good.

15, resilience: elongation and resilience will be better than other materials

swim platform pads

boat swim platform pad

boat swim platform pad

swim platform pads

EVA deck pad.jpg

EVA surf pad.jpg








What colors are available?

Any  Pantone color are available.

What is the life expectancy?

In the harshest conditions, Komin sport marine flooring  can be expected to last 5-7 years. If the boat is covered and/or well taken care of, a longer life is likely.

How long will it stayed adhered?

With proper surface preparation and installation, a minimum of 5-7 years can be expected.

Will the product stain?

Komin marine flooring  is extremely stain resistant, however a few substances, such as fuel stabilizers, bird droppings, rust, and mustard can be problematic if not attended to in a timely manner. Prompt attention to these types of spills will ensure easy removal.




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