Boat Swim Deck Pads

Advantages of boat swim deck pads 1: environmental protection.
2: High elasticity and super anti-skid.
3: Waterproof and moisture proof.
4: Sound absorption and noise prevention.
5: Simple cutting and stitching.
6: Fast installation and construction, rich variety of colors, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.
7: Easy maintenance and low cost.
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Product Details

Product description of boat swim deck pads

  There are two ways to use our eva foam boat swim deck pads, one is to use 2.4m*1.2m material to cut with a sharp knife, and the other is to use a cnc machine to make custom cuts on the brushed sheet.

About the cnc customize boat swim deck pads.

Opinion one:You can tell us the model and year of your boat, and we will check whether we have the floor size of this model.

Opinion Two: You can send us the size documents (CAD, AI, PDF) of your boat floor to us, and we can quote and produce according to your documents.

Opinion Three:You can send us the contour template of your boat floor, and we can make a CAD file for production according to the template you sent

boat deck grip for sea ray 340

boat deck grip

Boat Foam marine Sheet Brushed with Grooved for Cutting Boat Swim Deck Pads

You can buy sheets to cut according to the size of your boat floor.

Deck Pads

Brushed Boat Sun Deck Pads

Color reference

boat floor foam

eva foam boat flooringeva foam boat flooring

You can also choose the following pattern.

eva boat decking

eva boat flooring



Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg


Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg



How is Komin Sport applied?

Komin Sport is applied using a pre applied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Can Komin Sport be applied over existing non-skid?

Komin Sport adheres very well to most molded-in non-skids and properly applied and maintained aggregate type non-skid paints, as long as the surface is cleaned properly.

What is Komin Sport? 

Made from durable, closed-cell PE and EVA foam options. Komin Sport deck treads are designed specifically for marine applications.  UV resistant, anti-slip and non-absorbing  Reduces noise  Shock absorbing  Sheets are available with or without a marine-grade, double-sided adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation

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