Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads For Boats

Product Description EVA Non Skid Boat Deck Pads For Boats 1: EVA Non skid boat deck pads For Boats is closed cell foam,It is a new、popular、effective replacement for many materials. 2: Our EVA non skid boat deck pads for boats is able to handle harsh weather, wind, rain, pooling water. And the...
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Product Details

Product Description


Closed Cell EVA foam


Brown top +Black bottom



EVA thickness

6 mm


Brushed &  Grooved

If you want to install your customer boat  more conveniently, quickly and at the lowest cost, you can buy 2400*1200*6MM U-Grooved marine EVA sheet.

Method : For best results, use a fresh bladed razor knife. You may have to change blades during the job, depending on the amount of cuts made.

Cut the sheets into shape based on the boat decking.

Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads for Boats

Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads for Boats

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If you have CNC engraving machine, you can buy 2400*1200*6MM brushed marine eva sheet to carve according to the client's boat floor documents.

Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads for Boats

Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads for Boats

EVA Foam Marine Grade Boat Flooring

If you don't have a engraving machine and want to make your boat floor more beautiful, you can provide us with the documentation for this customization.

Marine EVA Foam Non Skid Pads for Boats

Why Choose US


Lamination process is very important for combining two foam sheet together. Unlike some other factory using glue to combine them, we bond them together at higher cost. But bond will provide guaranty that even exposed in sunlight for long time, the two sheets will not come apart.



We apply marine grade press sensitive adhesive on bottom, this adhesive perform very well when adhere to plastic and metal, and it can stand for 100 degrees Celsius for long time to provide longer life time in outdoor environmen

Grooved color 2.jpgGrooved color 1.jpg

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Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg


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