Faux Teak Boat Flooring

1, New-Age Nonskid . 2, Soft, Durable,Colorful Boat Decks. 3, Keeping Your Boat Deck Clean. 4, Stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed. 5, Self-adhesion, easy to installation.
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 Product Description:


  Our faux teak boat floor is made of EVA sheet. The size of the EVA sheet is 2750MM * 1300MM * 50MM. We can cut according to the thickness of the customer. At present, the EVA faux teak boat floor produced by our factory is The conventional sizes are 2400 * 1200 * 6MM and 2100 * 1100 * 6MM.

Process: Our EVA faux teak boat floor, faux teak boat decking, is made of two or three colors of EVA sheet, and 3M adhesive is attached to the back. The surface texture is then treated for brushed and groove. If you want to customize the size of your boat, you can also send us the DXF or CAD file of the size of your boat's floor, and we can use our CNC machine to cut according to your file.

Material:Closed Cell EVA foam

Color:faux teak

Size:2400mm*1200mm 、2100mm*1100mm

Texture:Brushed with Groove

faux teak boat decking


 If you need customized color please tell me the pantone number, thank you.

boat floor foam


You can also choose the following pattern.





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Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg


What is the largest size I can order?

The largest marine sheets available measure 2400*1200mm


Does Komin marine flooring  get hot?

As with any flooring products, darker colors will naturally become warmer in the sun. With that being said, komin marine flooring will not become too hot to stand on, and dispels heat very quickly thanks to its closed-cell structure.


Can you do custom logos?

Yes, we can cut logos and text if supplied with a vector graphic of the logo, or given desired text style. Please note that written approval will be needed to produce any copyrighted logos.