Boat Traction Grip Pads

1, New-Age Nonskid . 2, Soft, Durable,Colorful Boat Decks. 3, Keeping Your Boat Deck Clean. 4, Stain resistant & very easy to maintain, can also be pressure washed. 5, Self-adhesion, easy to installation.
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   Boat traction grip pads


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   You can buy the full size sheet. The standard size of our sheet is 2.4M*1.2M*6MM( about 2.88 sqm ).

Using a sharp bit to cut the sheet according to the shape of your boat.

boat traction grip pads

boat traction pads

boat grip pads

If you have CNC engraving machine, you can buy 2400*1200*6MM brushed marine eva sheet to carve according to the client's boat floor documents.

boat traction grip pads.

boat traction pads

If you don't have CNC machine and want to make your boat floor more beautiful,  you can send us the CAD file of your boat flooring for this customization.

faux teak boat decking

faux teak non skid boat decking


 If you need customized color please tell me the pantone number, thank you.

1. Biodegradable: it will not harm the environment when discarded or burned.

2. Similar to PVC price: EVA is more expensive than toxic PVC, but cheaper than phthalate-free PVC.

3. Light weight: the density of EVA ranges from 0.91 to 0.93, while the density of PVC is 1.32.

4, excluding the stink: EVA excluding like ammonia (ammonia) or other organic odor.

5. Non-heavy metal: comply with relevant international regulations on toys (en-71 Part 3 and astm-f963).

6, no phthalates: suitable for children's toys and no plasticizer release hazard.

7. High transparency, softness and toughness: wide range of applications.

8. Super low temperature resistance (-70c) : suitable for freezing environment.

9. Resistant to water, salt and other substances: stable under most application conditions.

10, high heat paste: can be firmly attached to nylon, polyester, canvas and other cloth.

11. Low laminating temperature: can accelerate the production speed.

Silk screen printing and offset printing: can be used for multi-pattern products (but must use EVA type ink).

From the above introduction of Eva material features, it can be seen that Eva material is more durable than traditional material and better than traditional material in many aspects. It is believed that Eva material will have a broader market in the future.

boat floor foam


You can also choose the following pattern.





Komin Sport Eva foam sheet manufacturers.jpg

Komin Sport EVA boat flooring manufacturers.jpg


Why do you choose EVA Foam boat traction grip pads ?

EVA is a new type of environmental protection plastic foam material, with good buffer, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture-proof, anti-chemical corrosion and other advantages, and non-toxic, not water absorption.

Features of EVA anti-skid mat:

Water resistance: airtight bubble structure, no water absorption, moistureproof, good water resistance.

Corrosion resistance: resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution.

Machinability: no joint, and easy to hot pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.

Shockproof: high resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, with good shockproof/buffer performance.

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